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Equanimity Holistic Therapies – Harborne, Birmingham – Enhancing your Well-Being


Hello, this site is currently being updated so please excuse the areas where it seems disjointed – it is work in progress and you may contact me in the usual manner. Thanks, Vicky


Equanimity Holistic Therapies was formally developed by me, Vicky Carter in 2003 after decades of formal training undertaken to offer you a range of Treatments to support your Physical Well-Being with Body Work and Massage, your Emotional Well-Being with Counselling, the Spiritual aspects of yourself and your life with Reiki alongside relevant treatments such as Indian Head Massage to support your posture. I also provide natural care for your face with Facial Massage,  to including Eastern Facial Massage for a Natural Face-Lift to make the most of your physical expressions. I offer a range of Natural Therapies to release stress, balance energies and reset a state of calm. You may benefit from physical release of pain and support increased mobility.


Treatments include Holistic Massage Therapy, Reiki Healing, Massage, Holistic Approach, Indian Head Massage, Deep Tissue Massage.

I also provide regular  Reiki Training Courses and Attunement Workshops to either support your journey  developing yourself as a Reiki Practitioner by starting with you learning how to use the medium of Reiki to self-heal and to support your family and friends with Reiki. You may choose to embark on a First Degree Reiki Workshop to simply enhance your personal development. Please see Reiki Training pages for further information.

Having spent many years personally developing myself whilst formally training in these therapies, I have developed a unique approach to facilitate your Personal Development and Make positive Changes to Enhance Your Life. You may read more about this under the each relevant section.

If it feels like the time is now for you to make those changes and need some help, guidance and support to structure the pathway please do contact me for a free consultation.

Corporate Stress Relief Services as well as Well-Being Events are fast growing and popular Therapies where we visit the workplace to help staff and teams alleviate daily pressures. Available through Corporate Onsite and Massage Therapy



If you would like to book a treatment or secure a place on a workshop with Vicky, please call  07738 930 211 or email She is also available in several Therapy Centres in the South Birmingham area by arrangement.